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A musician from first to last Roger comes to the science and art of the stringed intrument repair guild from that beginning. As with many muscians, the intrigue of one thing often leads to another and here we are thirty years later and he is accomplished and acclaimed on a number of instruments and an expert in sound engineering. The passion for those great tones we all desire and crave also has brought Roger full circle from guitar to guitar and from amp. to amp. to actually repairing, restoring, and setting up instruments.

Last Step Reviewing job and a little vibe-inject at customer pickup.
As a musician, Roger plays many different styles: country, jazz, rock, funk–pretty much anything. As a player he is often practicing with one of his groups or jamming at open-mike. Primarliy a self-taught player, Roger has taught others in fundamentals as well as advanced concepts. Indeed, he is also a perpetual student too. Roger has willing and patient explanations in all his vocations (or is that avocations?)

Think about this: take a right-handed guitar and flip it over 180 degrees so it is now "left-handed". Now the high E is on top. That is how Roger plays–finger picking preferably. Mind warping, wrong and as right as rain. Trying to follow him visually will lead to spacial disorientation and vertigo.

Roger builds his business on a wide and deep foundation, not the least of which is honesty and integrity.


"I never think twice about
referring Roger to fellow musicians–
his knowledge and attention
details are unsurpassed."

–Tony C.
Bass Player
Chelsea, MI

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