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TUSQ Man Made Ivory
Sounds so good, it must be illegal!

If you have a high quality acoustic or vintage guitar you owe it to yourself to hear the difference a TUSQ® nut and saddle will make. Compared to standard materials, you’ll hear crystal clear bell-like high end, big open lows, and a noticable increase in overall sustain.

TUSQ has quickly become an important tone performance tool for many guitar manufacturers, luthiers, and playing professionals around the world. TUSQ nuts and saddles have rich tone and sustain, without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone, and other natural materials.

Hayes Guitar Shop

Buzz Feiten Tuning System
The exclusive Buzz Feiten Tuning System (BFTS) Shelf Nut moves the strings closer to the first fret according to our Patented Formula. This eliminates sharp notes at the first three frets. Your guitar's bridge is adjusted according to our Patented Pitch Offsets, creating balanced intonation over the entire fingerboard: every fret and every string.



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