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My Approach To Repair and Setup

Hayes Guitar ShopGuitars and their various cousins come from many backgrounds so to speak. Their backgrounds are a good indicator of what needs to be done to take an average guitar, which I think we sometimes accept as good, to one that is setup as well as can be, which is usually pretty good.

Extensive Restoration Restoring a 1968 Les Paul Custom severely damaged by fire, subsequent water, and then freezing.
New guitars are setup high with the intention that they can be adjusted in either direction to suit the player. We all have taken them home and used in this state. Older guitars may have much more complicated problems.

Many types of repair and setup are done in stages. Many of the materials used are sensitive to changes in environment and need to "settle" as they have been altered or placed. While some circumstances do not allow for this preferred methodology, it is best for a stable finished job. We'll discuss which approach we can or need to take on your instrument.

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